"Fragrant" Feat Dampfwerk Gin


“Fragrant”, according to Ralf, this charred lemon sipper is a great complement to any outdoor activity. Lounging, sitting, and watching others work. 


⅓ oz lemon juice
1 tsp honey
1 oz dry vermouth 
1.5 oz Dampfwerk London Dry Gin
Lemon slice
Sprig of Thyme
Splash of tonic water


Stir together the lemon juice and honey until dissolved, and then mix together with the vermouth and gin. Meanwhile, if you have a Creme brûlée torch, then feel free to char your lemon that way, otherwise pop it into a pan and heat until it slowly caramelizes and turns brown. Each way will provide different results (one is more charred, while the other is offering warmer, sweeter notes). Shake in a shaker on ice, pour over ice, and top with tonic! Voila!

Bridgit Loeffelholz