Herbst Feat. Dampfwerk Barreled Gin


Forget pumpkin-spiced cocktails, sarsaparilla is the new “it” product! Well… You heard it from us, so take that statement with a grain of salt.


1 1/2 oz Dampfwerk Barreled Gin

1/2 oz Lemon Juice

1/2 oz Sarsaparilla Syrup**

Egg White

Dehydrated Orange**


Add all ingredients and dry shake (without ice), after 10 seconds, add ice and shake vigorously. This helps achieve that nice “cocktail foam”. Pour into a coupe glass and garnish with an orange peel or a dehydrated orange.

Sarsaparilla Syrup

This is something that you can purchase on the internet, but, if you want to take matters into your own hands, you can easily make this at home, given the right ingredients. We, at the Dampfwerk, started with a sarsaparilla concentrate. Basically, we soaked the root in a low ABV mixture for a couple days. This made it shelf stable for future uses. You can skip that and just soak it over night in water and add it into your simple syrup mixture. OR you can use the sous vide method, and in efforts to not make this into a simple syrup blog, we have linked that method here.

Simple Syrup

250g sugar

250g water

14 ml sarsaparilla mixture

Simmer the water and sugar over medium heat until the sugar has dissolved. Add your sarsaparilla and test to make sure it has the potency that you like. Cool and bottle.

Dehydrated Orange

Ever use an orange for its peel and it dries out, and or, you just don’t want to eat it? Well, heat your oven to a low temp of 100° and slice up your oranges and place on parchment paper. Check on your oranges every hour or so; each oven is different, but it should take roughly 2 hrs. You can do this to any citrus, the world is your oyster!

Bridgit Loeffelholz