H&T Feat. Dampfwerk Helgolander


Ours, yours, and your neighbors new take on a Gin & Tonic, or more commonly known by suave people, a G&T. Our Helgolander & Tonic features our most complex German-style Herbal Liqueur. This simple recipe is 4 ingredients, and we do count ice…


1-1.5 oz Dampfwerk Helgolander

Top with tonic (preferably Fever Tree)

Lime peel



Pour a healthy shot of our Helgolander into the glass, add some ice and top with tonic. Take your lime peel, warm it up between your fingers (this is to warm up the oils) and then hover the peel over the glass and squeeze the lime peel like a hot dog, making sure that the outside of the peel is facing your drink. Take a quick taste test; want it a little less potent? Add some more tonic! That easy.

Bridgit Loeffelholz