Star Daisy Feat. Dampfwerk Barreled Apple Brandy


Whoa! A four-ingredient cocktail using three products that are most likely in your bar cart/kitchen already?? Thank you Dampfwerk!! This cocktail is fruity, sweet, and packs a punch. Prost!


1 ½ oz Dampfwerk London Dry Gin

1 oz Dampfwerk Barreled Apple Brandy

¾ oz fresh lemon juice

⅓ oz Grenadine.


Stir on ice and if you’re feeling artsy, garnish.

Learning Opportunity!!

Garnishes are there to fill a void of some sorts, not every cocktail needs something to “complete” it! The rule of thumb for garnishes is: adding aroma to the nose, it incorporates more flavors into the drink, if it’s in the cocktail, then it can be used as a garnish as well.

I know that I am contradicting myself with the cocktail shots and the “learning opportunity,” but it was for the pictures, ok?

Bridgit LoeffelholzComment