Winters End Feat. Dampfwerk Gin

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Winters End… It’s all in the name. This cocktail is just your average gin sipper, featuring fresh lime, cucumber, with a twist of black pepper and salt. Those last two components are what separates this recipe from a “throw things together” and “am I sitting out in a cabana by a lake?” Check it out below.


1 small lime (cut into 8 little ittie bitties)

4 cucumber slices

2 oz Dampfwerk London Dry Gin

Sprinkle of kosher salt

Sprinkle of cracked black pepper


Roll up your sleeves.

Combine everything but the salt and pepper into a shaker and start to gently muddle the ingredients together without pulverizing the fruit. Add ice and give a few shakes. Open shaker and pour ingredients back and forth. Try to separate the cucumber and lime from the other ingredients (Godspeed, this was tough and I used my fingers).

Lastly, put the fruit at the bottom of your glass and include some fresh ice and pour the liquid gold on top.