german-Style Liqueur



The Pfeffersack is a contemporary representation of a German style herbal bitter liqueur, which is rooted in the old-World spice trade. A sip of this liqueur allows a journey across your palate to unfold with thoughts of exotic destinations known for saffron and myrrh as well as more traditional spices rooted in northern German liqueurs.

Simply enjoy this in the company of friends old and new.


The Helgolander liqueur hails from Helgoland, a small island in the North Sea. This botanical bitter was inspired by a vintage German Rezeptbücher (recipe book) dating back more than 200 years.

A rollercoaster of flavors: bitter, spicy, warming, with a hint of residual sugar. Mix it into a cocktail or use it as a digestiv!


The Rabbit in the Rye is a bold new blend of a traditional Thuringia bitter liqueur from Germany and an all American rye whiskey. The distinct botanical, aromatic flavors of this old world liqueur merge with the spicy, peppery rye and create an unexpected American twist.

Citrus and cinnamon, blended with a rye whiskey. A true cocktail in a bottle.

What is an Herbal Liqueur?

(Pg 48) Einer Geht Noch!- Jonas- March- Andrée- Janssen

(Pg 48) Einer Geht Noch!- Jonas- March- Andrée- Janssen

What is an herbal liqueur? In short, it is using a maceration of herbs, spices, and everything nice. Traditionally, herbal liqueurs were used medicinally for digestive purposes, nowadays we use them as night caps or an added punch to a cocktail! A true rollercoaster of flavors, spiciness, warmth, with a hint of residual sugar, these herbal liqueurs will surely take you on a journey.