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Suburban Distillery Is Building a Swank New Cocktail Room Just in Time for Brandy Season

St. Louis Park-based The Dampfwerk Distillery will open a new cocktail room just in time for brandy sipping season later this fall. The distillery isn’t new, but up until now, fans have had to seek out the distinctive square bottles with the etched artwork at liquor stores. Before the end of 2019, a new space will be constructed that will embody the convivial drinking culture of German in the Minneapolis suburb.



Gold-medal distillery Dampfwerk will change the way you think about liquor

To Dampfwerk Distillery co-owner Ralf Loeffelholz, distilling is high art. Hearing him talk about the business is ekphrastic. He speaks of his distilling process like he’s admiring a Matisse, describing how his brandies go from fruit to pulp to slurry to aromatic liquor with a curator’s reverence….

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What We’re Drinking: May 2018

Kate Murphy, Assistant Editor

When you order gin, don’t just default to a mixer. The good ones can be drunk straight. Take Dampfwerk’s Barreled Gin. The Loeffelholz family divvies their London dry–style gin into three barrels—French port, French shiraz, and North American cabernet sauvignon…

Spirits Close-Up: Herbal Liqueurs

Named for the inhabitants of a small island in the North Sea, Helgolander is Dampfwerk’s nod to the many local and regional varieties of herbal liqueurs that were once popular throughout Germany…

Spirits Close-Up: Fruit Brandy

I can’t claim this as objective fact, but my prejudice is this: a great deal of the unaged brandy in the world is disgusting. From Italian grappa, to French marc, and eau de vie of all stripes—so many are little more than a nerve-shattering mouthful of fiery ethanol…



7 Minnesota-made beverages may change the way you drink

German-style liqueurs: Family trips to Germany for the Loeffelholz’ often included a return with suitcases filled and clanking with bottles of fruit brandies and herbal liqueurs. Husband/dad Ralf grew up there and was lamenting those spirits’ absences in the U.S., said his wife, Mary Loeffelholz. “With all the emigration out of Europe, we all know that the German beers came over,” she said, “but a lot of the spirits did not.” So the family started making its own. St. Louis Park-based Dampfwerk Distillery…




What to Buy for the Perfect Minnesota Home Bar

From Ralf Loeffelholz at the Dampfwerk: Helgolander is a typical German-style amaro or Kräuterliqueur that was meant to be drunk neat as an after-dinner drink or night cap…

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 KARE 11

Grow with KARE: Dampfwerk Distilling

Dampfwerk Distilling was started by the Loffelholz Family just over a year ago and they are hitting the ground running with some amazing spirits produced in St. Louis Park…



The Dampfwerk Distillery

This appeared in the January/February 2018 issue.

Ralf and Mary Loeffelholz (a former consultant to the food and beverage industry and an executive at Delta Airlines, respectively), along with their children, make brandies and aromatic spirits (plus a gin, Mary’s favorite). Ralf, originally from Bavaria, uses Minnesota fruit and a German copper still to make apple brandies…



Field Trips - Minneapolis Craft Distilleries 

This tiny distillery is hidden in an industrial park where you could easily assume your GPS had gotten you lost. I was greeted at the door by Olli, the sweetest distillery dog I have ever met. Then the Loeffelholz family led me through a door where I saw something I had never seen before: a Müller still from Germany….



Architects' Gift Guide for 2018 

The holiday season is just around the corner, which means it's time to compile a list of gift ideas for your clients, colleagues, friends, and family. To ease your shopping experience, we asked seven architects and designers to share their best finds for the year. Here are their 15 recommendations… Made from hand-selected Bartlett pears, this German-style fruit brandy is made in a family distillery in St. Louis Park, Minn. "They produce outstanding spirits to be enjoyed in the company of friends and family," Julie Snow says. 

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Edina Family Launches Dampfwerk Distillery

With six spirits available already, and more on the way, the new company is decidedly multicultural, with one foot in yesterday and one in modern culture. Stop by the new Dampfwerk Distillery in St. Louis Park and your tour will involve quite a few introductions. First, there’s Ralf Loeffelholz, who left a decades-long career in product management…