Glass Pourer

Glass Pourer


Made in Germany, these glass pourers serve the perfect amount of spirit into your glass, or cocktail. Originating from the German restaurant industry, the story goes that the servers would pour in front of you, making sure that you got your full shot. Iconically Dampfwerk, pair perfectly with our bottles for the complete look.

The bulb can hold over 2/3 oz of spirit, perfect for a neat pour. (2cl)

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How to pour:

  1. Tilt bulb down, and away from you, letting the spirit fill the pourer.

  2. Bring the bulb back up (at an angle) and pour into glass.


These bulbs will need to be washed by hand! The cork base can remain on the pourer. We recommend that you rinse between spirits, ie for a liqueur to a gin or brandy.

Additional care:

Please be mindful that these pourers are delicate glass. Please use caution when inserting into glass by applying pressure to the base cork, versus pushing directly onto the bulb.