What you need to know

  • We charge $15 per person

  • The entire tour includes:

    • Our story

    • Meeting of the family

    • Tasting of products

    • Background of our process, stills, and fermenters

    • Charcuterie board (additional purchase)

  • Tour duration changes by group size (1-1.5 hours)

  • Max tour group size: 25 people

  • We do tours after closing hours, by appointment

what we recommend

  • Unless you are doing a charcuterie board, please eat a little beforehand

  • Dress for the weather and layer

    • We may be doing a distilling run, so our facility changes in temperature!

  • We provide water, but also recommend bringing a water bottle

  • Park in the “Dampfwerk” Parking spots, or in the vicinity of the front door.

  • Cliché, but true… An inquisitive attitude

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