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Welcome to The Dampfwerk Distillery

located in st. louis park, minnesota


our AIM

We aim to make the finest European-style fruit brandies and liqueurs, all with an unexpected American twist … contemporary spirits that are meant to be enjoyed in the vibrant company of family and good friends.

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Family Owned & Operated 



Quality. Whether it’s our locally sourced apples or grapes for our fruit brandies—or the premium botanicals in our gin and liqueurs – we source from the highest-quality farms and suppliers.

And pride. We learned the trade from master distillers in Germany, and use hand-hammered copper stills imported from Germany. In fact, the name Dampfwerk, which means “steam works,” blends the industrial nature of steam power with the delicate extraction process used in distilling.

With a twist. Just like our family, we are a unique mix of modern German-American influences, so is our approach to the distillery. We take traditional European-style craft spirits and infuse them with a contemporary style and playful attitude.